Our One Focus is You!

As your independent food service distributor our ONE FOCUS is YOU!  We understand that food purchases only represent about a third of the expenses for the average restaurant, so we have put together a network of services designed to help you grow your sales, improve your operations and be more successful.  The services offered were selected because they can significantly improve your bottom line. In addition, they make your job easier, more productive and have a proven return on investment.

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Menu Services

Custom Menu Design and Layout:

Your menu is your most important marketing tool. What you put on your menu is almost as important as what you put on the plate. From describing your offerings to selecting the color scheme, your menu should reflect the atmosphere of your restaurant. The style, layout, color and font say as much about your restaurant as the quality of food you serve.

Unique Custom Designs

Each of the menu designs we create are as original as your establishment. Together, we will create your custom design, matching your restaurants theme and personality. While standard templates may be ok for some, we believe your menu should be as unique as you are.

Professional Layout

A menu with a professional layout can help to increase your check average, encourage your patrons to order your most profitable dishes and drive more traffic into your restaurant. No matter what size your menu is, we can help you identify where to place categories, which areas attract the eye first and how to maximize your profits by utilizing that knowledge. It’s not rocket science, but there is an art to it!

Creative Copy

Are you describing your menu options with creative names and mouth watering modifiers? We can write your menu descriptions to get your patrons craving your dishes.

Complete Menu Services

One Focus Business Solutions offers you complete menu services, including custom design, professional layout, cover design, creative menu copy, printing/reproduction and menu jackets. Our complete services provide you a with menu that is delivered ready to use, right out of the box.

Effective Operations

Credit Card Processing and Gift Card Programs:

It's not only about cutting costs, it's about building partnerships.

Work with a payments processor that empowers you to take control of your costs.

Heartland Payment Systems offers credit card processing, card payment security, gift card marketing and payroll services that help businesses like yours streamline operations and reduce expenses. They are one of the few companies to process and settle for all major card types including Visa®, Master Card®, Discover® Network and American Express® — giving you fast access to your funds, the convenience of consolidated deposits, statements, account access and customer service … all from one source. Let us compare your current merchant statement and provide you with an analysis of what you could be saving.

Boost your profits with a complete gift marketing program.

There are two ways you can increase revenue: acquire new patrons and motivate existing patrons to spend more. At Heartland, we help you turn gift cards into powerful marketing tools that increase revenue, promote your restaurant and expand your customer base through innovative and proven techniques. Our programs are flexible and easy to implement so you can start providing these value-added offerings quickly.

When you team up with Heartland for your gift marketing needs, you’all discover three ways to build a complete gift marketing program:

Leverage traditional gift cards.

A gift card is a great word-of-mouth marketing tool to gain new clientele. It’s a personal endorsement — from the gift card giver to the gift card recipient — to patronize your restaurant. The recipient — who otherwise may not be familiar with your business — has the chance to become a new, loyal patron.

Develop loyalty programs.

Use gift cards to generate loyalty by rewarding patrons … and motivate them to return. Turn your gift cards into stored-value cards and offer incentives that entice patrons to continue loading money onto them. We work with you to determine the incentives that resonate with your customer base. When patrons invest in your business this way, they commit to spending more money with you.

Market your business through promotions.

Leverage relationships with other local merchants who can refer business. We help you identify area businesses that offer the highest return … targeting locations your potential patrons frequent. You can use these cross-promotional relationships to draw new patrons into your restaurant by giving away preloaded gift cards, whose cost is offset by new business.

Plus, Heartland Gift MarketingSM helps you:

Encourage continued use of cards with special offers and incentives Reward patrons with real-time promotions that entice them to return and keep business steady Promote your program with ongoing marketing support

Stronger Sales

e-Mail Marketing:

Get your message out.

Stay in contact with your “Best” customers with our effective e-mail marketing services. This program creates loyalty by rewarding your customers with special offers and announcements via e-mail.

We provide you with opt-in cards to enroll your customers. With opt-in email programs, your message reaches people who want to know what's going on in your establishment. We manage your e-mail list, your e-mail campaign make sure your "email only" offers go out consistently.

We take care of everything, while you watch your business grow.

Social Networking Services are available. People are social, by nature, so they love recommending stuff they like. Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms have a rapidly expanding user base and, with the right techniques, can help you gain new business. Call us to discuss how social networking can help your business.