Green Initiative


Fischer Foods of New York, Inc. has started an exciting campaign to reduce our impact on the environment and create an Eco-Friendly culture in our facility. We have already made important steps towards this goal by implementing a total waste management program aimed at reducing landfill contribution by 70%. We have also begun installation of high efficiency lighting throughout our food warehouse that will reduce our lighting energy consumption by 69%. With a “Buy Green” policy in place which promotes the use of recycled and post consumer products in our offices, and a switch to glassware instead of disposable cutlery in our employee lounge, we are continually dedicated to a total overhaul of our processes.

In the coming months we look forward to installation of high efficiency lighting in all of our offices, use of motion


sensor technology to further reduce lighting energy consumption in the warehouse, and new print reduction software to be used on our company network. We are also looking into larger scale options going forward including the potential to meet our own energy needs on site, increased telecommuting for certain departments, and Hybrid company vehicles.

Fischer Foods of New York, Inc. is also teaming with many of our vendors to ensure that the products that we sell come from sources as concerned with the environment as we are. We look forward to continuing our push for a “Green Culture” and will continue to seek out new ways to be environmentally friendly while maintaining our first class customer service in the wholesale food industry.